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Karsten Liebmann

Dr Karsten Liebmann

Karsten Liebmann graduated as Chemical Engineer and has a PhD in Process Integration. He learned directly from Prof. Bodo Linnhoff, the founder of Pinch Analysis and has collected many years of energy experience in the chemical industry.

  • Independent BAFA Certified Energy Consultant for SMEs and Energy Auditor acc. EDL-G
  • Until 2019: In various positions at the Dow Chemical Company – international management experience, project management, process design, energy management
  • 1996: Ph.D. at the University of ManchesterΒ 


At the Department of Process Integration at the University of Manchester, topic: "Design of Crude Oil Distillation Systems",

Linnhoff student

Trained unter Prof Bodo Linnhoff, founder of the Pinch Analysis


30 years experience with energy projects, energy management, process development and project management